A new suturing choice for
abdominal wall closure.

Changing suturing

The Suturion device aims to speed up abdominal wall closure and help surgeons follow the small bites technique (4:1 ratio)*.


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Hernia Prevention. Suturing.com

Incisional Hernia Prevention

Scientific evidence shows that the small bites technique in abdominal wall closure can reduce wound complications. The American and European Hernia Societies recommend this technique in their guidelines, but surgeons are yet to follow. Suturion aims to raise awareness around abdominal wall complications, such as incisional hernia and surgical site infections.

Ref: Deerenberg E. et al, Updated guideline for closure of abdominal wall incisions from the European and American Hernia Societies. BJS 2002, 109, 1239-1250.

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Gabriel Börner – Board Member, Founder and CMO

A surgeon’s story.
And solution.

It all started with a curious surgeon trying to solve a clinical problem. During training and practice Gabriel Börner often met patients with wound complications which sparked an idea for a technical solution.

Suturion - suturing choice for abdominal wall closure. Gabriel Börner

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