A new suturing choice for
abdominal wall closure.

Changing suturing

The Suturion suturing choice for abdominal wall closure has the aim to make the fasica closure faster and easier for surgeons to follow best practice (4:1 ratio)*. We want to support surgeons in the struggle to use the small bite closure technique.

Suturion believe in hernia prevention.
Hernia Prevention. Suturing.com

Hernia Prevention

Scientific evidence shows that the right surgical technique can reduce complications after laparotomy. We all know that it is essential to follow best practice and clinical guidelines to reduce the risk of complications, such as incisional hernia and deep wound infections.

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Gabriel Börner – Board Member, Founder and CMO

A surgeon’s story.
And solution.

It all started with a curious surgeon that encountered a clinical problem in abdominal wall closure and decided to do something about it. During practice surgeon Gabriel Börner often encountered complications after open abdominal surgery.

Suturion - suturing choice for abdominal wall closure. Gabriel Börner

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