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Webinar: How can we implement best practice to reduce the rates for incisional hernia?

1 December, 2022

How can we implement best practice to reduce the rates for incisional hernia?

Closing the abdominal wall after open surgery is time consuming and requires high attention to the suturing technique, while at the same time being critical for good healing of the abdominal wall. Research have shown complications, such as infections and incisional hernia, occur due to inadequate healing related to poor suturing and that there is a great opportunity for improvement to adhere to best practice.

On the 1 Dec we had an exciting webinar together with our expert panel with interesting discussions, hard questions and exciting input from both the speakers and the participants. The webinar also provided new insights and tips&tricks.

The correct suturing technique in the operating theatre is crucial for all healthcare professionals that performs open abdominal surgery.

Are you a healthcare professional, surgeon and want to know more? Maybe you are just interested in what Suturion is innovating and believeing in? Then this webinar is something for you!

The webinar was held in English. Link will be sent out in an email to the registered email.

About the Panelists:

Per J. Nilsson / MD at KI

Former president ESCP surgery with a focus in open surgery

Mattias Block / MD

President of Swedish Society of Gastro with a focus on gastroenterology

Gabriel Börner / MD

Founder of Suturion with a focus on trauma/colorectal surgery and a special interest in abdominal wall closure and incisional hernia.

Paan Hermansson / Moderator

CEO at Suturion

Any questions, please reach out to Mrs. Magdalena Gräff, Marketing Manager at Suturion at magdalena.graff@suturion.com

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